Melby Fur
Melby Fur Products and Services
FUR BUYING...... Mark stays in constant contact with the fur markets and dealers so you know you are always getting the best and most fair price for all your furs. He is an honest fur buyer who always tells you what you have and pays the honest price.

TANNED FUR SALES.....Mark keeps a full line of all varieties of tanned furs for sale so that the trappers collection can always be complete. His fur is top of the line at competitive prices.

TRAP TAGS....We have the latest state of the art engraving equipment on site to give you your trap tags as quickly as possible. They can be ordered ahead of time and they will be ready when you arrive, made while you wait or shipped directly to your home.

CUSTOM FUR PROCESSING...Mark has been processing fur for the last 20 years and professionally for 15 years. Whatever you need done to a piece of fur he is able to provide the service, from carcass to tanned, he can do it all from beginning to end.

TANNING SERVICES...We offer full service tanning here. From carcass to finish we can get it done. We provide our own personal tags to each animal so you always know you are getting your own animal back.

TRAPPING SUPPLIES...Our retail store has a full line of all trapping supplies from traps to lures to books and videos serving every trappers needs.